The Basics of Taxi Insurance

A licensed public hire car must have a taxi insurance cover in place before the vehicle car be used on a public road. This will ensure that both the passengers and other road users are protected against claims arising from accidents both to property damage and personal injury claims. Also the taxi licence plate is only issued once the licensing officer is satisfied that the correct taxi insurance policy is in place.

Similar to taxi vehicles, the private hire cars must have a private hire insurance cover in place before the minicab can be used on a public highway for hire and reward purposes. Private hire vehicles also known as minicabs differ from taxi cabs in that the driver cannot pick up a job from a customer that has hailed them on the road. The job must be a pre-booked first other the private hire driver will be in breach of their licence condition. This could also invalidate their private hire insurance cover as this type of policy has a condition the journey must be pre-booked.

On a private car insurance policy the level of cover available is either Comprehensive policy, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only. The same choice is available for taxi insurance policies. Some additional useful covers available on taxi policies include taxi breakdown assistance cover with the option of home start. Another great add-on policy is the public liability insurance away from the vehicle. This cover type is always requested by the licensing authorities if you have school contracts or local health authority contracts. Usually the Council will request a minimum of 5,000,000 public liability insurance, some even request cover for up to 10million.

It is important to ensure that the type of taxi insurance policy you take meets your exact needs and not necessarily is the cheapest taxi insurance always the most suitable. It may be cheap because the level of excess on the policy is extremely high or any future amendments will result in high charges.
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Highly competitive taxi insurance policy suited to your requirements including private hire insurance and public hire taxi insurance. Various optional extra's are available as part of your taxi policy including taxi breakdown, Non-motor public liability insurance for taxi drivers either 5m or 10m indemnity limits, replacement plated private hire vehicle even in the event of a fault accident. (terms and conditions apply).

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All taxi insurance enquiries are passed onto specialist taxi insurance companies in the UK. Our panel of brokers are hand picked not only do they offer you excellent cover but also offer an efficient service in the event if your taxi was involved in an accident. Whether you use your taxi for private or public hire, our panel of taxi brokers offer competitive taxi insurance policies and first class service for any level of cover you may require.

Spouse to drive for SDP use? The quick answer is YES! Only available on some schemes where the spouse can be added as an additional driver to drive for Social Domestic and Pleasure use on the insured's taxi insurance policy subject to underwriting criteria and an additional premium may be charged.

Basically, ask the local licensing office, if it's OK with them then it's OK with some of our taxi insurer panels to add the Spouse on your private hire insurance policy.
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